Old Pulteney Single Malt Scotch

In the port of WICK in the last century, the distillery in the Pulteney district of the town was already established. Its whiskey, however, was not oenly consumed by the citizens. The sale of alcohol was prohibited, for WICK, the world's busiest herring fishing port, was then a wild place with much imported labour. Over 10,000 people were employed in teh industry. Many were Cooper's, making up to eight barrels a each day to hold cured herrings for export to Russia and Germany. THe CRAFT was handed on from father to son into the next century. Eventually the herring markets dried up. The maritime coopering trade diappeared. The scotch whiskey industry, however was in need of talents like these, and at the PULTENEY DISTILLERY many coopers found fresh opportunities to continue their craft. Today the casks at Pulteney are made with similar techniques to those used in the fising industry over a hundred years ago.