Old Forester Birthday Bourbon 1993 Vintage

This Vintage release of Old Forester was chosen to honor the birthday of George Garvin Brown, the Bourbon industry's pioneer and our founder. Once bottled, its unique character will never be replicated again. The Old Forester new make spirit was drawn off an experimental mash and then distilled on May 27 and barreled on June 2, 1993. The distillery was trying out a different malted barley supplier, and the new barley produced a slightly lighter-bodied spirit than usual. This spirit was entered into new, charred white oak barrels from Blue Grass Cooperage, and of the 368 barrels filled only 41 remain today. These barrels were then aged on the upper floors of Warehouse H and were exposed to very warm temperatures and dry conditions throughout their 12 years. These conditions resulted in a higher than average Angel's Share loss which concentrated the rich toasted and charred oak notes in the remaining spirit. You'll find the nose of this brilliant orange-red bourbon to be rich with incredibly sweet vanilla, caramel and maple syrup notes that evolve into a layer of creamy butterscotch, as well as deep and full of light mint and dried fruit. The Birthday Bourbon taste is smooth with hints of cedar and oak laced with spice covered with a delicate candy store selection. And the finish is very clean and apply crisp with little oak effect... very light for 12-year old bourbon. We're confident you'll find this year's Birthday Bourbon to be one to savor.