Old Forester Birthday Bourbon 1990 Vintage

George Garvin Brown was born in Munford KY on Sept 2, 1846. This vintage release of Old Forester has been selected to honor the birthday of this Bourbon Pioneer, Innovator and industry leader. Once teh 1990 Spring Vintage has been bottled it's unique character will never be replicated again. Old Forester- crafted in Kentucky, with a rye recipe richer than that of the "big name" brands- offers a legacy of quality and great taste that no other bourbon can match. Old Forester can be enjoyed in three expressions, 86 prrof, 100 proof, and Vintage. Today, Old Forester, the bourbon that set the standard for quality in 1870, is still crafted and bottled in Louisville under the control of Brown's descendants. It is the oldest continually marketed and family controlled Bourbon brand in the USA. This rich robust bourbon was barreled in the Spring of 1990, The barrels that were selected for this vintage were stored in a warm area of the maturation warehouse, notably the outer edges of the maturation ricks on the upper floors. There the resting bourbon was exposed to a wide range of temperature extremes that allowed it to penetrate deeply into the barrel wood. Over the years the bourbon absorbed a rich level of sweet, spicy wood notes.