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Even if you are not a huge lover of vodka, sample a taste of Ocean Vodka and you are definitely going to change your mind. Whether you choose to enjoy it straight on the rocks or tastefully mixed with other ingredients to make a delectable martini, Ocean Vodka has that "wow" factor that would have your palate calling for more.

Undoubtedly in a class by itself, Ocean Vodka is big on taste and not to mention its quality. Sye Vasquez and Shay Smith are the brothers behind this fascinating drink and the idea for the vodka came from their love for the ocean and vodka, the latter which they drank after they surf the seas.

When the idea surfaced to start a new business venture, it was obvious that a vodka business was the direction in which Sye and Shay would be heading. Soon they were distilling their own vodka from their familyís Kahului facility. Today Ocean Vodka is distilled using a four-column distillation process.

Indeed, vodka such as this should not be taken lightly. Its makers have certainly gone above and beyond to ensure that those consuming it are getting the most out of their alcohol. Unique by nature, Ocean Vodka stands apart from its competitors because of its use of organic ingredients which are combined with the use of MaHaLo Hawaii Deep Sea drinking water much to drinkerís delight.

Jennifer Vasquez Director of Marketing for Hawaii Spirits Inc recently revealed in an interview the secrets behind Ocean Vodka's unmatched smoothness and taste. "Our vodka is free from blending and flavor additives", she said and added that even its corn and rye ingredients are grown without the use of pesticides, herbicides and genetic modification

Clearly there is more to Ocean Vodka than meets the eye or rather the taste in your mouth. Why the very water used in this spirit actually comes from some 3,000 feet below the surface of the Pacific Ocean off the Hawaiian Coast. "At this depth, the water is perfectly pure and free of any surface pollutants", Vasquez continued. "The water (there) is gently desalinated, but retains its rich minerals."

The results of this meticulous process are a spirit that is almost too delicious to be vodka. Ocean Vodka gets along famously with fruit juices but there are other recipe experiments waiting for you to try. The protection and revitalization of the ocean's resources is also paramount on the makers of Ocean Vodka's list. So every time you purchase a bottle of this vodka, you are not only leisurely doing yourself a favor, but your money is helping to preserve the ocean's fragile eco-systems as well.

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