Navan Natural Vanilla Liqueur

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When Louis-Alexandre of the House of Grand Marnier created his first luxury liqueur in 1827, orange was widely popular, yet also expensive and difficult to find. It took years to cultivate the perfect oranges for Grand Marnier. The same garden which yielded oranges in St Jean Capferrat would also inspire a quest for the perfect vanilla.

Louis-Alexandre cultivated rare species of the vanilla orchid in his exquisite garden. Later his great grand daughter, Alexandra Marnier Lapostolle, current President of Marnier Lapostolle North America and creator of Casa Lapostolle Wines, chose the Natural Vanilla flavor to create Navan, a new liqueur founded on Grand Marnier's success - to uncover a widely popular yet rare, refined flavor, as a tribute to her great grand father.

Navan benefits from the secret family recipe that has been guarded at the Grand Marnier distillery since 1827.

Shipped in small bags wrapped in raffia, vanilla beans from Madagascar are sorted in France and macerated in neutral spirit for a few weeks in order to reveal their full flavor. The beans are then combined with aged French cognac through the same craft that has been used for Grand Marnier since its creation, and is one of the most closely guarded in the spirits world. Every step of the elaboration happens in the family distillery established in 1827, where Grand Marnier is also produced.

Navan's singular bottle is a modern reinterpretation of the Grand Marnier bottle shape.

Characterized by its unique textured black band and its sophisticated multifaceted neck., complexity and refinement define Navan at every stage. The clear white glass magnifies the golden color of the product.

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