MuchoTE Tequila

MuchoTE Tequila Photo

MuchoTE Tequila is made from 100% blue Tequilana Weber Agave, grown in the fields of Don Feliciano Vivanco, a third generation Agave farmer.

The Agave piñas are harvested by a Jimador, and then placed in small adobe ovens (hornitos) where they are steamed for 72 hours.

MuchoTE Tequila is then aged in small charred American bourbon oak casks (190 liters), which impart the full flavor and golden color to the Tequila. Finally, MuchoTE Tequila is selected by a tasting panel, to ensure the aroma and flavor are correct. For a Tequila to be labeled “Reposado” (rested) the product must be aged a minimum of two months in oak. As in everything they do, MuchoTE Tequila Reposado far exceeds this requirement and is aged for at least 7 months.

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