Moon Mountain Vodka

Moon Mountain Vodka Photo

Master Distiller Gerry Webb directs the crafting of Moon Mountain Vodka to ensure that it meets or exceeds the highest standards of distilling quality. First, organic farmers harvest organic grain, chosen from top-quality crops. These top-quality grains are converted and distilled using state-of-the-art techniques, allowing the quality of the grain to shine through. This process is followed by a second distillation, in small batches, using a traditional copper-pot still built in Edinburgh, Scotland in 1934.

This heart distillation then goes through a final filtration where an exacting amount of purified water is added to bring the vodka to a precise 80 proof. At last, the artisanal vodka is carefully poured into glass bottles, each featuring an individual number and Gerry's own signature - endorsing unparalleledsmoothness and unmatched quality.

Tasting Notes:

Nearly odorless on the nose, with the slightest hint of sweet grain. Classic, smooth, round on the palate with a pleasant warmth. Gorgeous finish without a hint of burn - lingering flavor invites another taste.

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