Monopolowa Vodka

MONOPOLOWA is a distinctive potato vodka, produced of a traditional formula, which was originated in Eastern Europe, by the Baczewski / Gessler family, who were purveyors to the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy in its day. MONOPOLOWA is a vodka of distinctive intensity, depth of flavor and complexity of character, attributable to a "back-to-basics" tradition of being distilled from potatoes. (Vodka, which was native to Poland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, as well as Russia, was popularly assumed to be a spirit made from potatoes. Nowadays it is more likely to be produced from grain in most countries.) There are certain enzymes in the potatoes that help to burn off the congeners and other inpurities much more completely during the distillation. For this reason MONOPOLOWA potato vodka is very smooth and has an almost crealike texture that cannot be found in grain vodkas. In addition it's consumer friendliness extends even to those who have a sensitivity to products products produced of grain. MONOPOLOWA vodka is two hundred years of experience in every bottle. 93 points in 2002, Highly Recommended -The Beverage Testing Institute-