Mistico Jovan Mezcal

Mr. Ernesto Chagoya was the first man of this family story dedicate in the elaboration of a good mezcal. Since 1917 .Mr Ernesto, as a producer of Oaxaca. During his first stage as a producer, he got married with Mrs Teresa Hernndez , they had five children. The oldest died in his early age, the rest of them: Maria del Carmen Chagoya Hdz,Porfirio Chagoya Hdz, Salomon Chagoya Hdz, and Ernestina Chagoya Hdz. Were involved in the production and comercialization of the mezcal elaborated by their father. When Mr. Ernesto died they continued the mezcal activity independently. Into the 50s Mrs. Carmen Chagoya and her husband, Mr Noé Hdz Amador, created their own factory of mezcal . Later the factory was closed because Mr. Noé Hdz decided to change his activities. Since then, Mrs Carmen Chagoya took care of her father until he died in 1970. In the latest years , Mrs. Ernestina Chagoya, having the mezcal heritage in her veins, has put a special effort in the harvest of the agave espadin ( agave Angustifolia How ) the most used agave in the region of Tlacolula for producing the mezcal. Our fields agave angustifolia how They have now one of the largest harvest of agave in Oaxaca. Mrs. Carmen and his son, Noé Hernndez Chagoya, opened again the mezcal factory. The mixture of these four generations have made now a new factory of mezcal which keeps the misticism in the elaboration of the Oaxacan mezcal under a strict quality control. Palenque Doa Carmen Chagoya? producers the mezcal Mistico of Oaxaca,elaborated with 100% agave and with a 100% natural process.