Ministerscaya Russian Vodka

Made with all natural ingredients from pure glacial waters, this vodka is triple filtered triple distilled for unparalleled flavor. From a secret recipe and blend, previously available only to the Royal Court of Russian Czars.

Premium Russian Vodka with all natural ingredients. This vodka is triple filtered, triple distilled using only the purest glacier waters. Unmatched in flavor and tast, at a price for even the most discerning vodka connoisseur. Don't be fooled by a name that sounds Russian, if its not made in Russia, it's not true Russian Vodka. Made from century old secret recipes and blends which adorned the tables of the Russian courts of Russian Czars and coveted in the ancient city of Novgorod, are once again being enjoyed by modern Russians and now Americans. You can now know why these true Russian Vodkas have stood the test of time. We are pleased to offer you Ministerscaya, true premium Russian Vodka.