Martell XO Cognac

An outstanding Cognac, remaining loyal to the creative and inspired spirit of his founder, is remarkable as much for the nobility of its blending as for the stunning beauty of its presentation. Taste the subtle balance between the power of the Grande Champagne and the mellow elegance of the Borderies. Color: A deep gold, coppery tint, enriched with mahogany sheens Nose: First marked by dried fruits, bees wax and Russian leather. Then, it increases in complexity, with a wide range of sweet fruits and dried flowers and finally hints of spices and oriental notes: mace, santal wood... Taste: Round and fruity on the tongue initially, then come the finesse and the power of the Grande champagne eaux-de-vie. A long and silky final note, which leaves a feeling of sophistication and elegance in the mouth. alcohol type hard liquor.