Maraska Slivovitz Kosher

The word "kosher" means "proper" in Hebrew. The Kosher Slivovitz and Kosher Cherry Wine are both certified kosher for Passover, and therefore make them wonderful for any Jewish holiday. This is not only a slogan, this is an experience carried over the centuries into MARASKA ZADAR, the house which continues the famous liqueur tradition of the ancient city Zadar. MARASKA products have the name known all over the world, while the confidence of the consumer is obtained by high and stable quality of its products based on the experience which has been brought through the centuries. Maraska has improved its range of liqueurs, strong drinks, fruit syrups and juices. Maraska Silvovitz is a first-class domestic brandy from healthy plum fruits. Its natural flavour and a rich aroma is achieved through special fermentation, distillation and longterm ageing procedures in barrels made of specialy processed wood. Hence, it can be said with good reason MARASKA - Sun in each drop!