Liquid Ice Organic Vodka

One of kind vodka, made by distilling five (5) grains, (Wheat, Corn, Barley, Rye & Oat) all certified 100% organic. Liquid Ice is the only vodka that can claim that?s its completely certified organic from start to finish as its distillery is the only one in the United States authorized to do so. So much that we put a certified statement on each and every bottle to prove it. Liquid Ice is made with water from one of the world?s healthiest & cleanest aquifer, the Snake River. The Snake River runs right under the distillery, which is the home of some of the best known hand crafted vodkas, either made from potato or grain. Liquid Ice is distilled four times for the cleanest, freshest taste and thus produces some of the highest viscosity in vodka in the world. Then it is filtered three times, through the world?s richest source of minerals, lava rock. Liquid Ice is a vodka that can claim, ?It is truly the only one of its kind?. No other vodka produced in the world can claim its multi grain, 100% certified organic and Kosher!