Linie Aquavit

Legend has it that "if a man be bereft of speech in death, give him akvavit on his lips, and he shall at once regain his tongue." Aquavit (Akvavit)- A Scandinavian flavored, distilled liquor, ranging in alcohol content from about 42 to 45 percent by volume, clear to pale yellow in color, distilled from fermented potato or grain mash. Aquavit is most notably flavored with caraway seeds or cumin seed, or using lemon or orange peel, cardamom, aniseed and fennel. This high-proof spirit has a history that dates back centuries. No one knows who was first to notice that alcohol distilled from Norwegian agricultural products, flavored with herbs and spices, and stored in used sherry casks, is greatly improved by a long sea voyage. The length of the trip and the constant gentle sway of the ship combined with the fluctuation between hot and cold works a sophisticated magic ` smoothing and advancing the flavor of this legendary spirit. LINIE AQUAVIT is the most famous aquavit of all, as well as the only one that is aged in the holds of ships, undergoing the exceptional voyage of production: sailing around the world via Australia. Every bottle of this mature and mellow spirit carries the details of its voyage, sailing twice across the 'linje' -Norwegian for 'equator' -on the back of the label. Impressively personal! The light aroma of caraway, with its pleasant, well-balanced and slightly sweet flavor marks the complex perfection of the true Linie Aquavit. In the Scandinavian countries, Linie Aquavit is usually served chilled and unmixed in small glasses - often straight out of the freezer - and emptied in a single gulp. It is a traditional drink at the Christmas table along with beer. Tradition notes that Aquavit has the power of creating space for eating more.