Level Vodka

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Level Vodka is a product of V&S ABSOLUT SPIRITS. It is a new vodka of the highest quality. Level is the perfect balance of smoothness and character, which is achieved by a unique combination of two distillation methods, a new level of vodka. Level is ABSOLUT's entry into the vibrant super- premium vodka segment in the US, said Bengt Baron, president, V&S ABSOLUT SPIRITS. The innovative combination of distillation methods delivers a unique product with refined taste.

For the first time, a vodka is being produced by combining two distillation methods. This production process involves continuous distillation, which distills the vodka hundreds of times to ensure unparalleled smoothness, and batch distillation, where the vodka is produced batch-by-batch in pot stills under the attentive eye of expert distillers, which results in Level’s refined taste. “Level is produced in Ĺhus, Sweden, to ensure it is of the highest quality, but it is a truly different product with its own identity, ”said Baron. “One taste and consumers will see it is a completely new level of vodka.”

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