L'Espirit de June

L'Espirit de June Photo

Following an undisclosed recipe, these Ugni-blanc, Merlot, Cabernet-Sauvignon and other flowers distillates are blended together, before being distilled a final time to perfectly unify their flavours. With the addition of the bare minimum of sugar, L'Esprit de June is born. This exquisite, refined French liqueur captures the joy and beauty of life in full bloom.

Delicate, yet intense, June is the only liqueur in the world made from a bouquet of vine flowers, each bringing specific flavors:

  • Ugni Blanc flowers provide pear, peach and white floral notes.
  • Merlot flowers lend wild strawberry and cherry-blossom aromas.
  • Cabernet Sauvignon flowers share strawberry, raspberry and violet tones.

The complex floral and fruity aromas are carried by the silky and round grape spirit. Progressively revealed, they finally melt into an incredible long lasting sensory explosion. With a minimum amount of sugar, and 28% ABV, Esprit de June may well be the most perfectly balanced liqueur in the world.

Like the purity of it's vine flowers, June is transparent. No colorants or additives are added to this precious elixir.

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