Laphroaig Single Malt Scotch 10 Year

The western isle of Islay is covered with deep and ancient peat bogs. At Laphroaig, "the beautiful hollow by the broad bay," the malt is kept on malting floors in time-honored tradition. The white oak casks full of aging whisky are stored in a warehouse on the sea, where the wood breathes in the briny sea-mist, air of salt and seaweed, as waves lap against the warehouse at high tide. The most challenging and individual of malt whiskies, the smokiest and peatiest of them all, Laphroaig is The Definitive Islay Malt.

Color: Full, refractive, gold.

Nose:Very peaty with the tangy sweetness of the sea.

Body:Full and hardy.

Palate:Richly smoky, fully peated, with still a hint of sweetness, salty.

Finish:Lingering and unique.