Lammerlaw 10yr Whiskey

43% Nose* Appetizing aroma of peated malt. Palate* Rich, full and mouth-filling, with a long, lingering finish mellowing to a pleasant, well-rounded aftertaste. A cleanly-styled malt whisky which echoes the long history of the Scottish distiller's art, but is uniquely and distinctively a New Zealand product. Dunedin, New Zealand * Wilson Distillers did not imitate Scottish whisky, but developed a distinctive flavor of their own, born out of superb local ingredients. After 10 years, master blenders assemble a single malt that is a proud benchmark of the distiller's art. Wilson Distillers takes this water to produce Lammerlaw Malt Whisky, named for the hills that help shape its character. The Southland has perfect conditions for growing great malting barley. The alluvial soil is well-balanced in nitrogen. The barley reached peak condition in the long, sunny days before the harvest. Wilson Distillers stores Lammerlaw in Bourbon casks in their warehouses on the Taieri Plains outside Dunedin. The breezes play among the crops, making the land a sea of shimmering gold. The sight gladdens the heart of every whisky lover.