Korbel Brandy

Korbel is the only major Brandy maker in the U.S. which still maintains total control of its own wine making, brandy distillation, barrel aging, blending and bottling. Our own people, in our own facilities, closely control every step of the brandy making process. At our Central Valley winery, we crush and ferment only the finest California brandy grapes to make our base wines. The young wines are then distilled in a copper lined still to ensure the highest level of purity and flavor. The fiery heat of the water-white new distillates is slowly mellowed in one of our 30,000 small, American oak barrels. These barrels are specially charred during their construction to leave a layer of natural charcoal in contact with the brandy. This slow barrel aging, in contact with both the oak and the natural charcoal, gives the brandy its golden color and smooth, elegant flavor. - Paul Ahvenainen, Brandy Master, F. Korbel & Bros., Inc. Awards: Riverside International Wine Competition, Silver Medal, May 2001 California State Fair, Bronze Medal, July 13, 2000 Los Angeles County Fair Wines of the Americas, Bronze Medal, May 2000 California State Fair, Silver Medal, August/September 1999Awards