Knockando Single Malt Scotch 18 Year

In Gaelic, Knockando (Cnoc-an-dhu) means "little black hillock". The distillery sits on a tree-covered hill that overlooks a sweeping panorama of the Spey river. It is a relatively new malt, having been exported only since 1977. The distillery was constructed in 1889. The somewhat unusual ages at which Knockando can be found is due to the long-standing practice/philosophy of bottling the casks only when they are deemed to be at their peak maturation, as opposed to bottling them automatically at certain ages. This same philosophy dictates that the use of sherry casks is deliberately kept to a minimum in order to preserve the delicate flavor of the Knockando. One can find three "brands" of the Knockando. Each retains the "Knockando style", but each having a different profile, which is determined by the length of time that it is matured. The most familiar brand, Knockando, is matured at least 12 years. The Knockando Special Selection is matured at least 15 years, and the Knockando Extra Old, or Reserve, is matured at least 20 years. One can make an excellent "study" of the effects of age with these three malts. Tough assignment, huh?

18 year old

Proof 86
- Color : Light gold.
- Nose : Fragrant, but with more pronounced almond aroma.
- Body : Medium. Soft.
- Palate : Smooth and with more complexity and depth of character than the 12 year old. Some sherry is evident along with the almond flavor.
- Finish : Long with slight sweetness and a hint of smoke and coffee.