Knappogue Castle Irish Whisky 92

pronounced na-POG Mark Edwin Andrews originated the brand with Knappogue Castle 1951, a very special reserve of whiskey named after the castle in Ireland which he owned. Today, his son selects for the finest aged Irish single malt for the prestigious Knappogue Castle Label. With the guidance of Jim Murray, world-renowned whisky expert, a limited number of casks are shosen each year. Casks are bottled according to year of distillation, and each bottle bears Mark Andrews' signature on the label. Knappogue Castle differs from most Irish whiskeys in that it is a single malt, not a blended spirit. It is made from the finest ingredients, which have been aged in bourbon casks until they achieve the right balance of flavors and mellow appeal. Then, similar to most Scottish single malts, Knappogue is distilled one batch at a time, in copper pot stills. Unlike most single malts that combine whiskey from several different years in order to produce a uniform flavor profile, all of the whiskey in a given bottling of Knappogue Castle is distilled in the same year. Hence, like a fine vintage wine, the nose and flavor of Knappogue Castle varies from year to year.