Kensington Gin

Kensington is a Super-Premium, one of a kind specialty Gin. It?s as rare as a black diamond and as unusual as any spirit ever produced. Kensington was developed with the help of a secret recipe handed down from generation to generation and now in the possession of the Russell family of Scotland, owners of the Ian MacLoed distillery. Kensington is a London Dry Gin in style and name but has its roots established in the tradition of the great Scotches and even more so Single Malts. Kensington is produced by combining the highest quality grain, clear & clean Scottish mineral water. 15 if the world?s finest hand picked botanicals and then placed inside new American oak barrels imported from Kentucky. Cured in the traditional Scotch way gives Kensington a unique quality that can not be matched by any other brand. The results of the wood aging bring Kensington to the forefront of creating a new taste for two groups of drinkers, Single Malts (Scotch) and the loyal Gin drinkers. Never before have two opposite ends of the spectrum ?drinkers? been able to share one product.