Kelt Petra Cognac

Grande Champagne Cognac Dark chestnut. Deep, rich, broad and oily. Flowers, herbs, toffee, mint, dried peaches. Strong oak flavors. Decadent, full finish. * Tour du Monde - The Secret Behind Kelt

"Traditionnaly, spirits merchants shipped their cognacs in oak barrels and it was discovered that the cognac developed significantly during a long sea voyage. With the age of branding cognac started to be bottled at source for practical reasons.This meant that the benefits of the sea voyage disappeared as cognac does not mature once it is bottled. We now revive that old tradition by sending our Grande Champagne Cognacs on a three month sea voyage around the world. This voyage brings out the unique balance of flavors and aromas and produces the unmistikable elegant roundness that is Tour du Monde. History does not relate the secret as to why the cognac develops in such a remarkable way during a long sea voyage. Some say that it is the constant movement of the liquid, caused by the rolling of the sea, that brings out hidden qualities in the cognac. Others claim that it is the temperature and pressure variations that persuade the lignin in the oak wood to part with its most delicate qualities. The theories are many but the verdict is unanimous on the result : the Tour du Monde renders our cognac a remarkable quality."