Kelt Cognac VSOP

Centuries ago, it was discovered that Cognac shipped in oak barrels from France to its Colonies around the world improved dramatically during the long sea voyage. The rolling of the sea, the temperature variations, the frequent air pressure and weather changes, and the sea all combine to round off the spirit in a beautiful way. With 20th century technology came the commercial expedient of shipping cognac in bottles, rather than in oak barrels. The magical effect of the ocean voyage was lost because spirits do not mature after bolting. I have revived the seagoing tradition, and taken it one step further. I send my already aged Cognacs, still in the oak barrels in which they have aged for many years, on a three-month sea voyage around the world before bottling. This KELT TOUR DU MONDE creates a unique spirit, and restores an aspect of quality lost for almost a century