Kammer Kirsch Cherry Brandy

Black Forest Kammer Kirschwasser is distilled from 20 pounds of carefully selected cherries picked in Germany's Black Forest. It has been praised by connoisseurs the world over for its exquisite taste and delicate cherry flavor. Black Forest Kirschwasser makes a ?clear? alternative to cognac and other premium after dinner drinks and is best enjoyed in a snifter. It can also greatly enhance coffee or espresso. In addition, Kirschwasser lends itself for many culinary uses including the traditional Black Forest cake. KAMMER Sophisticated Fruit Brandies .....your ?Clear? Alternative For centuries fruit has been distilled in fruit growing areas of the Alsace, Switzerland and also in Germany's Black Forest Region. Only the best carefully selected small wild cherries grown in Germany's world famous Black Forest region are fermented and then carefully distilled by skilled craftsmen. The finest distillates are then chosen to create Black Forest Kirschwasser. It takes a surprising 20 pounds of fruit to produce one bottle of this exquisite drink. Best enjoyed from a snifter Black Forest Kirschwasser is the ultimate after dinner drink.
Delightful Suggestions from our Chef Roquefort Cheese Cream - Crush a thick slice of Roquefort cheese with a fork, mix the cheese with butter and a little Paprika and add enough Kammer Kirschwasser to make a cream of nice consistency. Spread on Pumpernickel bread. Ice Cream Sauce - Ice cream sauce is made by crushing fresh berries adding sugar and one fourth the amount of the berries of Kammer Kirschwasser. If frozen berries are used simply defrost and add 1/2 cup Kammer Kirschwasser. Swiss Cheese Fondue - 1/2 pound Swiss cheese finely cut, dredge in 1 1/2 tablespoons flour, rub casserole with garlic. Add one glass of Rhine wine to cheese mixture and set over very low fire in chafing dish. Heat and keep stirring. Mixture should never boil and cheese should be comple- tely dissolved. Add salt and pepper and three tbsp. Kammer Kirschwasser. Remove the fondue from the fire and serve with French bread which is dipped into the fondue.