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A coffee liqueur produced in Mexico. 26 per cent alcohol by volume.

Kahl˙a is the world's most popular and versatile liqueur, often noted as a Top 20 spirit across the US. Though its popularity originated in hot drinks and food recipes, there are now hundreds of drink recipes made with Kahl˙a. Kahl˙a is among the top five requested drinks in the US, including Kahl˙a and milk/ cream, Kahl˙a Black Russian, Kahl˙a White Russian and Kahl˙a Club. These favourite drinks help give Kahl˙a the honour of being one of the best-loved, best-remembered brands of all spirits.

Produced from coffee beans cultivated in the remote mountains of Mexico, Kahl˙a's unique taste is attributed to the quality of its ingredients. Fertile soil and temperate climate yield coffee of superior quality, which is the essence of Kahl˙a's distinct flavour. The art of distillation perfected in Mexico is skilfully joined with Mexico's premium coffee to produce this exceptional liqueur.

Kahl˙a's trademarked bottle is one of the most recognisable shapes in the spirits industry. Kahl˙a's familiar logo and red and yellow colours deliver a premium high quality image that's unmatched. These features make Kahl˙a stand out on bar shelves, in liquor cabinets and on restaurant liquor carts all over the world.

Brand Story

Its past is as dark and mysterious as the bottle it travels in. Kahl˙a is native to Mexico - if this worldwide favourite can be said to have just one home. What else can we tell you? That the finest roasted Arabica coffee beans, the sweetest vanilla, the purest cane spirit and rum all come together to create that unique and delicious taste.

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