Junior Johnson's Midnight Moon Carolina Moonshine

Junior Johnson's Midnight Moon Carolina Moonshine Photo

In May of 2007, Piedmont Distillers and NASCAR legend Junior Johnson joined forces to introduce Junior Johnson’s Midnight Moon. Johnson is a part owner of Piedmont Distillers, the only legal spirits Distiller in North Carolina.

Midnight Moon follows the Johnson family’s generations-old tradition of making moonshine. Every batch is born in an authentic, copper still and is crafted in small batches. Midnight Moon is made from American corn, 80 proof and triple-distilled to deliver an ultra-smooth, clean tasting spirit that is often preferred over the world’s best vodkas. Midnight Moon can be sipped straight or can also be easily mixed with lemonade, tonic, cranberry juice, tea, orange juice, etc.

“I am really proud to own part of this company,” Johnson said. “I’ve done a lot of things in my life, and my history in the moonshine business is no secret. Back in the old days, we learned to drive cars fast because we’d go to jail if we didn’t. Now, I own part of a legal moonshine company that makes the best shine ever. I’m no longer using pot stills down by the creek. We triple distill the family recipe in a copper column still. It’s smoother than vodka and better than whiskey. It’s the shine I always wanted to make.”

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