Juice is a sweet, satisfying liquid that is perfect for breakfast, for quenching an afternoon thirst, or as an ingredient in a fruity cocktail.

While there are many different varieties of juice to choose from, all are basically created the same way. The liquid contained in the fruitís tissue is macerated or squeezed out of the fruit either mechanically or manually. Some juices are consumed as is, while others have additional ingredients, such as sugar, added to enhance the flavor.

A purity standard is used by some nations to classify juice as a pure fruit juice, which usually refers only to those beverages that contain 100% juice and nothing else. Fruit juice can be found in liquid or concentrated form.

Another popular type of juice is nectar, which must contain at anywhere from 25 to 50 percent juice.

Yet another type is the juice drink. It may have juice in the title, but donít let that fool you because there is no standard to follow when it comes to this type of drink. Yes, it does contain juice, but how large or small the amount does not matter.

Some consider fruit juice to be a healthy alternative to soda and other sugar-laden beverages. In fact, many labels often boast that no sugar has been added. However, most fruit juice contains a lot of natural sugar, making it a drink that should be consumed in moderation.

Juice can be found pretty much anywhere beverages are sold, such as your local grocery and convenience stores. Another popular place to find your favorite fruit juice is at a juice bar. Rivaling coffeehouses and bars, juice bars have quite a following because of their healthy, tasty offerings.

Juice plays a major role in the bar industry, because so many drink recipes call for the sweet, fruity liquid.

Grape juice is an ingredient in a Grape Juice Rickey. Combine the juice with soda water and lime juice to create a different twist on the traditional drink.

A well-known drink is the Screwdriver. Also sometimes called a Vodka and Orange, a Screwdriver is a simple, yet delicious drink that combines vodka and orange juice.

A popular dessert is warm apple pie topped with vanilla ice cream. A fun spin on the dessert is the Apple Pie ala Mode cocktail. Combine apple juice, apple pie filling, apple schnapps, cinnamon, coconut cream, heavy cream and spiced rum to create a satisfying drink reminiscent of the classic dessert.

Get a taste of the islands with the Bahama Mama, a fruity cocktail that used pineapple juice as one of its main ingredients.

Grapefruit juice isnít just for breakfast anymore, at least not when used to make a Flying Grapefruit!

When talking about juice, you cannot leave out Jungle Juice, a fun drink used to satiate a large crowd. To make jungle juice, simply combine your favorite hard alcohol with a variety of fruit juices. Not only does it taste great, but it is also a definite crowd pleaser.

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