Jon Mark & Robbo Smoky & Peaty Whiskey

"This started life as two completely separate whiskies. Following a few days spent on Islay in 1995, Jon has always been a big fan of Peaty whiskies and was very keen for Robbo to create a new whisky in this distinctive style. At the same time, Mark had asked for a Smokey style whisky, similar to Highland Park or Talisker. So Robbo created two amazing whiskies that spurred a heated debate as to which was better. The discussion continued well into the night at a hotel outside Bristol, culminating in a moment of genius... someone (can't remember who) mixed the two whiskies in the same glass. It tasted amazing, distinctive yet smooth, Smokey and Peaty at the same time: The Smokey Peaty One was born." While Jon and Mark had drunk plenty and were passionate about the water of life, David ?Robbo? Robertson the Master Distiller at The Macallan actually made the stuff. So they got chatting?as you do?and nine months later a new company was born, the Easy Drinking Whisky Company. Led by Robbo, calling on his distinguished whisky expertise, the three guys wanted to make a whisky they?d adore. But they didn?t want it to be all haggis and heather clichés. Drinking whisky should be about fun, so their whisky had to be funky, fabulous, flavoursome and appeal to them - and importantly their friends.