Jelinek Slivovitz

The history of brandy distillation goes back some 400 years in Vizovice. At the beginning of the 18th century some people came to realize that plums too are suitable for making quality brandies. The overproduction of plums had motivated local farmers to establish in 1894 the distillery in Vizovice called Rolnický akciový závod ovocnářský- RAZOV. In 1934 has been bought this company by Mr. Rudolf Jelínek. This year, therefore, originated the Rudolf Jelínek brand. In the present offers the company RUDOLF JELÍNEK a.s. the complete series of branded fruit distilleries, which are produced by the traditional progressions. The association of friends the Jelínek's brandy was festive established on 25th of August 2000 in the new opened Jelínek's room in the area of Vala?ský ?enk in Vizovice. The founder of The association is the company RUDOLF JELÍNEK a.s. Vizovice, which is also its organizer. The member of The association of friends the Jelínek's brandy could be everybody, who profess the quality Jelínek's brandy and who endorses with The articles of the association of friends the Jelínek's brandy. The honourable chairman of the association was elected Bolek Polívka, next honourable members are Jarmila ?uláková, Pavel Zedníček and Radek Brzobohatý. In the case of your interests will give you all information Mrs. Olga Bravencová , tel.No. 067/76 86 123. RUDOLF JELÍNEK a.s., Razov 472, 763 12 Vizovice, Czech Republic