Isle of Jura 21 Year Old Singla Malt Scotch

Isle of Jura 21 Year Old Singla Malt Scotch Photo

Distilled in 1984 to commemorate the famous novel written on the island, this rare whisky has been quietly maturing in beachside warehouses. The deep red mahogany combines with a nose of fresh rich fruit cake, chocolate and orange leaving the smooth taste of soft berries, spice and cinnamon.

AGE 21 years

COLOUR Deep amber gold

NOSE Rich and intense. Soft hints of marzipan and spicy chocolate flaunt themselves in an enticing manner. Aromas of spice and vanilla. Whispers of citrus toffee. Great harmony, warmly expressed.

PALATE Mellow and seductive. The warmth of the tongue release these wonderful hedonistic flavours of spice, caramel, liquorice and almonds. A spectrum of delight that only age can bring.