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IS VODKA, pronounced “ice,” is an exceptional new entry to the super-premium vodka category, uniquely designed to address the international consumer’s growing taste for luxury and more demanding palate. Imported to the United States by Viking Glacier Spirits (US) Inc., this ultra-premium blend of naturally pure Icelandic water and non-genetically modified wheat is distilled seven times to ensure an unparalleled taste experience. As consumers of luxury products become ever more health conscious, VGS is proud to introduce this truly pure spirit to the United States marketplace.

Icy cold, clean, pure Icelandic water is the main ingredient of IS VODKA (60% by volume). This pristine natural ingredient originates from a part of Eastern Iceland known as “Beautiful Valley” situated within the Vatnajokull Basin, home of one of the largest glaciers on earth. During the IS VODKA manufacturing process, pure water is drawn from a rare geological formation known as an “esker.” Extraction is managed in an ecologically responsible manner by members of the local Icelandic community who are specially trained in hydro-geological techniques.

An esker is composed of layers of clay, sand and gravel that were naturally accumulated by rivers of melting ice during the Ice Age. Sealed beneath the glacial terrain some 20,000 years ago, the esker acts as a natural filtration system for the icy pure water before it is introduced to the IS VODKA manufacturing process—today. Most super-premium vodkas are blended using municipal water or that of similar quality. In stark contrast, IS VODKA is made exclusively from Icelandic water - frozen when the world was pure.

IS VODKA is made of the finest non-genetically modified European wheat and distilled seven times for ultimate purity, unrivalled quality and consistently exceptional taste. Master Distiller Peter McKay of the United Kingdom, a graduate of the Wine & Spirit Education Trust and a judge for the International Wine & Spirit Challenge, developed a special distillation formula for IS VODKA using pure Icelandic water, European wheat and a third (secret) ingredient. The result is an ultra-smooth spirit with a tantalizing hint of fire.

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