Hornitos Anejo Tequila

Hornitos Anejo Tequila Photo

This exceptionally blended tequila is aged one to three years or more in American oak barrels and contains hints of vanilla, toasted wood and chocolate for a soft, smooth taste. Deep, rich and complex, Hornitos Anejo is an excellent choice for savoring on its own neat in a snifter.

Color: Deep bronze

Aroma: Strong and smoky with chocolate and vanilla highlights

Body: Deep and rich

Taste: Notes of vanilla, chocolate and toasted wood give a deep taste with a slight spice.

Finish: Short finish with rich, smoky ending

Type: 100% Agave Premium Tequila

Production: The inclusion of the extra aged tequila in the special blend adds a strong oak driven color and flavor complexity, making Hornitos Anejo truly unique within it's segment.

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