Hogs Head Vatted Scotch

hogshead, hogz'head, n. a large cask (Shak.): a measure of capacity = 52 imperial gallons or 63 old wine gallons; of beer = 54 gallons: of claret = 46 gallons; of tobacco (U.S.), 750 to 1200 lb. [App. hog's , and head; reason unknown] hog, hog, n. a general name for swine. [O.E. hogg] head, hed, n. the uppermost or formost part of an animal's body. [O.E. hedfod] HOGSHEAD: a superlative vatted malt scotch whisky created by marrying many different malts together. It has an unusually high proportion of malts from the island of Islay, producing a distinctive but subtle peaty flavor.