Herencia de Plata Tequila Reposado

We invite you to relax, enjoy and experience our legacy of quality. The distillery Tequilas Del Senor was started by my father in 1943 and still continues today. First, I worked by my father's side in the fields, caring for the agave. Then, I learned the art of producing these award-winning tequilas by working in the factory. Now, my sons are with me, working by my side, continuing our family legacy. Three generations of family knowledge and honor go into our product. The Blue Weber Agave is born in the high mountains of Mexico. The plants are grown and nurtured for up to ten years until maturity. In the time-honored way, only the hearts of the agave are harvested. The juices are then extracted and made into our tequilas. Aging in oak barrels gives our tequilas the unique flavors and qualities that have honored us with three Gold Medal Awards from "The Beverage Tastings Institute." Our Reposado Rated 1. So relax, enjoy and share the experience. Enjoy all our products safely and responsibly. Estate grown and bottled.