Herbsaint Liqueur

French in name, French in origin, and French in its sophisticated appeal, Legendre Herbsaint is a drink distinctly European in character. Its very appearance differs from all other drinks. In its original state Herb-saint is a transparent greenish amber. Mixed with water or ice as in a frappe, Herbsaint becomes an opaque beverage whose gyrating whorls of coalescent strata have a distinct opalescent hue. This refreshing and delightful beverage pleases the palate of the connoisseur and man about town alike, and is reminiscent of the charm and unique appeal of New Orleans. in whose Vieux Carre it has attained its greatest popularity. To drink Herbsaint is to recall the glories of the cast. to renew acquaintance with the romance and glamour of by-gone days of Old France and of that France of the New World-Louisiana. The famous recipe of Herbsaint has been a long guarded treasure of the Legendre family, a prized possession, handed down from father to son. During all the years, the Legendres pride themselves on the fact that they have never deviated from the original formula of their fore- bears in the manufacture of the product which has become a New Orleans institution and a national favorite. Formerly Sold Under the Name of LEGENDRE ABSINTHE In many states it is unlawful to use the name Absinthe - in labeling any product because the word Absinthe invariably calls to mind a poisonous wormwood beverage. The Legendre liqueur does not contain one drop of wormwood, but as we are enjoying a nation-wide distribution and in order to have our product on sale everywhere, we have decided to call it Herbsaint. There is positively no change of formula. The new drink Herbsaint is exactly the same as the drink formerly sold under the name of Legendre Absinthe. The difference is in name only. No other drink can bear the name Herbsaint. Legendre Herbsaint is the only drink of its kind in the world, It has all the virtues of absinthe but none of its sins. Made from a secret French formula, it is the first genuine, non-synthetic, non-poisonous drink of its kind, made in the United States.