Henri Bardouin Pastis

The exceptional quality and finesse of Henri Bardouin Pastis are unmatched because our production is driven by the processes of "les grands crus." *An exceptional region Our region, the Region of Forcalquier and the Montagne de Lure, has been listed among the hundred - sites of remarkable taste - in France. *Instead of a blend of grape flavors, our variety comes from the numerous plants and spices that we use. *When all is said and done, we would be nothing without our knowledge. Like the wine-makers, we have accumulated over the centuries invaluable experience which has been passed from generation to generation. - When to harvest? - How long should it soak? - Which blends? These things cannot be improvised. These three elements are intricately interconnected and explain why Henri Bardouin Pastis is unequalled in the domain of Provenšal liquor.

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