Hennessy Cognac Timeless

Hennessy Cognac Timeless Photo

"timeless" is composed of eleven Hennessy eaux-de-vie, which were all ranked exceptional from the day they entered the Hennessy cellars — which house the largest reserves of old cognacs in the world. These eaux-de-vie were tested each year by the Hennessy cellar master. As part of the Hennessy " Grandes Réserves " or " Ancien Stock ", the eaux-de-vie were aged separately and only in older barrels which had lost most of their tannin. These housed were in the Hennessy cellars situated on the banks of the river Charente. These are relatively humid cellars which favour a very gradual reduction in the alcohol content of the cognac. " timeless " has an alcohol level of 43.5% as opposed to the usual 40 % for cognac