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Hendrick's is an iconoclastically produced small batch gin distilled in Ayrshire, Scotland. The unusual distillation process combined with their oddly delicious set of infusions yields a one-of-a-kind gin that is passionately loved by a tiny yet growing handful of individuals all over the world.

How is it made?

The unusual flavour of Hendrick’s is obtained through a unique process. During the distillation process, a rogue’s gallery of botanicals is infused to produce a delicately scented gin that has become a cult favourite. First, a hint of Bulgarian Rose is extracted by gently pressing essential oils from the petals. Next, the essence of the cucumber is added by mashing the fresh fruit and mixing it with cold water. This initiates a slow process that extracts the subtle flavours which are then painstakingly infused into the spirit, one small batch at a time. No other gin tastes like it, because no other gin is made like it!

From Hendrick's themselves comes the following tale:


1999 – Hendrick’s Gin is born! The origin of Hendrick’s can be traced to a master whisky distiller in the employment of William Grant & Sons, who was also a secret gin aficionado. One day he was in his rose garden nibbling cucumber sandwiches while sipping a gin. He was seized with the revelation that this wonderful pleasure could be distilled into a gin. He then began experimenting with the Carter-Head and Bennet Stills that Mr. Charles Gordon, the great grandson of Mr. William Grant, had bought at an auction some 33 years before. After many months of experimenting, he created his perfect gin and Hendrick’s was born!

Because he was a renowned whisky distiller, the actual inventor could not associate his own name with a gin. The name was chosen by Mr. Gordon’s mother, Janet Sheed Robert, who was about to celebrate her 99th birthday. “Wee Jannie” (as she was known) suggested that the gin be named after Hendrick, the gardener who for 30 years had tended her rose garden with peculiar love and devotion.


Unlike ordinary gins, Hendrick’s is distilled in the decidedly un-ginnish Scotland. This allows Hendrick’s to draw upon centuries of distilling expertise and the plentiful pure soft water, which are sourced from the local Penwhapple Reservoir.

Hendrick’s values the sublimely abnormal quality of its ingredients. They source only the finest quality and least ordinary palette of eleven botanicals from the four corners of the earth.

Only Hendrick’s uses a marriage of two spirits from a Carter-Head and a Bennet Still (a type of copper pot still). The two stills produce very different spirits. By combining the spirits from the different stills, Hendrick’s can create a divinely smooth gin that has both the required character and balance of subtle flavours.

Hendrick’s is hand-crafted in miniscule batches of only 450 liters at a time. A typical a ‘small batch’ usually means 1,000 liters at a time. However, the smaller the batch, the more control can be exerted by the stillman (in Hendrick’s case, the strangely talented and meticulous Mr. Alan Rimmer). Incidentally, Mr. Rimmer is very protective over his two beloved stills. In fact, he has made every single batch of Hendrick’s Gin that has ever been bottled.

Try as you might, you will not find another gin aside from Hendrick’s Gin made with infusions of cucumber and rose petals. This produces a preternaturally refreshing gin with a surprisingly delightful aroma.


To the OH so SENSITIVE NOSE: Hendrick’s features a prodigious and unusually intense nose, featuring a welcoming burst of crisp, zesty botanicals harmoniously balanced with juniper and coriander, and a deep surprising floral, most definitely not usual aroma of violets and rose.

To the UNFORGIVING and UNFORGETTING PALATE: Hendrick’s is a curiously smooth gin with a superb balance of botanicals. Sublimely clean and dry, yet precisely as one might wish, the marvelous complexity of the nose comes through in the taste. Take note of the citrus and juniper with a subtle, supernaturally pleasurable lingering finish of cool, refreshing cucumber and rose…. Enjoy!

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