Hacienda del Cristero Tequila

Mexico, 1926 - Mexican government outlaws religion, spawning a passionate band of rebels, called ?Cristeros,? dedicated to protecting the right to worship. The Herradura Hacienda, situated near the epicenter of the battleground, becomes a safe house for the Cristeros. Herradura courageously offers food and shelter to these defenders of the faith and therefore earns the name ?Hacienda del Cristero.? Now available for the first time in the United States, Hacienda del Cristero is the world?s finest blanco (or unaged) tequila. A unique, very patient double distillation process gives the tequila an unmatched smoothness and texture. With a light to medium body and a soft aroma of cooked agave, Hacienda del Cristero is ideal sipped straight from a snifter. Hacienda del Cristero is made from 100% blue agave, is 100% estate bottled and is 100% natural. This fine blanco tequila is currently available in a limited edition bottle