Grant's Family Reserve Scotch Whisky

Grant's Family Reserve Scotch Whisky Photo

Grant’s Family Reserve, in its iconic triangular bottle, is one of the world’s best loved and most recognizable Scotch whiskies. It’s the world’s 4th largest Scotch whisky and enjoyed in over 180 countries.

William Grant & Sons Ltd. remains an independent family distiller, whose passion for making the finest Scotch whisky has been passed down through five generations. Grant’s Master Blender, David Stewart, is assisted in the making of Grant’s Scotch whisky by the teams of coopers, distillers, maturation experts and other craftsmen working at the Girvan Distillery.

They carefully select the finest single malt and grain Scotch whiskies – including the company’s own Glenfiddich and The Balvenie Single Malt Scotch Whiskies and its renowned Girvan Grain Scotch whisky – and skillfully and harmoniously blend them together. This is what gives Grant’s Family Reserve its deliciously complex taste and its classic long, and smooth finish.

Nose: Unmistakably Speyside with fluting malty notes. A clean yet complex aroma with a sweetish fruity edge. Intriguingly and deliciously structured.

Taste: A firm mouth feel with banana/vanilla sweetness balancing sharper malty notes. Clean but very complex. A long, smooth, and lingering finish.