Grant's Ale Cask Reserve Scotch Whisky

Grant's Ale Cask Reserve Scotch Whisky Photo

Grantís Ale Cask Reserve was created by William Grant & Sons in partnership with the Caledonian Brewing Company. Grantís Ale Cask Reserve is the only Scotch whisky to be Ďfinishedí in beer barrels. The ale casks give the whisky a distinctively creamy, malty, honeyed taste.

Tasting Notes: A malty, syrupy, smooth taste with a long, honeyed finish and just a hint of smoke.

In 2001, blended Scotch whisky witnessed one of its most creative innovations with two new additions to the Grantís range - Grantís Cask Reserves.

Grantís Ale Cask Reserve and Sherry Cask Reserve are blended Scotch whiskies with unique and distinctive tastes. Created from Grantís Family Reserve Ďfinishedí in either ale or sherry casks prior to bottling, Grantís Cask Reserves absorb some of the key notes and flavours of these casks. Grantís Cask Reserves are crafted with the artistry and instinct of our Master Blender David Stewart and his team of talented craftsmen.