Grand Marnier Navan

Grand Marnier Navan Photo

A rare black vanilla of Madasgascar is the fruit of the sensuous orchid, containing over 250 flavor components. It's complex, distinctive flavor is considered the world's finest. Intense, smooth, rich and aromatic. Imagine the elegance of rare French cognac combined with this intense flavor.

The Grand Marnier story began in 1827 with the founding of the original distillery at Neauphle-le-Château. Released in 1880, Grand Marnier was an instant success across Europe. This blend of the finest aged Cognacs with the delicate essence of wild tropical oranges was enjoyed in the best restaurants and salons across the continent. It delighted such royal notables as King Edward VII of England and the Emperor Franz Josef of Austria, two of its most famous admirers. Today, Grand Marnier is just as appreciated and savored around the world as it ever was, perhaps even more so. One reason for the drink’s enduring popularity is its versatility. Each generation has built on its legacy and found new ways to enjoy it, making Grand Marnier uniquely their own. Well known as a stylish drinking experience, served in a snifter or on the rocks, it’s also used to enliven premium cocktails, everything from margaritas to cosmopolitans and many more.