Gran Sierpe Pisco

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This spirit recreating a lost tradition of Pisco production from Humay, Peru, is made using the finest grapes and the most modern distillation practices from an award winning Pisco distillery. Gran Sierpe is smooth, flavorful and delivers on the promise of a bold drinking experience.

This three-century-old Peruvian liquor is currently making a comeback nationwide. Artisan Brands, a family owned manufacturer and distributor of hand crafted, high-end spirits, has successfully launched Gran Sierpe Pisco, a zesty premium spirit.

Spanish settlers began developing Pisco in the 16th century by using the finest grapes grown in Southern Peru. Peruvian miners popularized the spirit throughout the West Coast during the gold rush. One concoction in particular, San Francisco's 'pisco punch', gained such fame upon its discovery in the late 19th century that it was written about by the likes of Mark Twain, Harold Ross and Rudyard Kipling. The creator of the cocktail, Duncan Nicol, did his best to take the recipe with him to the grave when he passed in the late 1920s. After his death, the pisco punch was thought to have been lost forever; that is, until the California?Historical Society unearthed the formula 50 years later, giving a second life to the beloved drink of the San Francisco of the 1800s. Another fascinating tidbit is the ownership conflict between Peru and Chile, both of which claim the spirit as their national drink.

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