Gran Duque d'Alba Oro Spanish Brandy

Pot stilled grape brandy from excellent very young white wines with fresh fruit-like flavor fermented at a low temperature, distilled twice to 65 degrees alc/vol. immediately after racking of the lees. Blend of sherries, mineral water and fortifying grape brandy. Matured in American white oak butts by the typical Jerez Solera and Criadera system (7 criaderas) with provable average age of 25 years. A very bright and noble color between antique mahogany and ebony, of intense nose with notes of vanilla and oak, without doubt a characteristic due to its long years of maturity. Full and soft to the palate with an attractive long and velvety finish. Consume at room temperature in a fine brandy glass, slightly warmed in the hand, particularly enjoyed after a good meal.