Glenmorangie Single malt Scotch Sauternes Finish 1

Wood Maturation The nature and history of the wood in which whisky matures has a fundamental influence on the flavour and character of the ultimate spirit. At Glenmorangie we pursue the most rigorous ' wood regime' to maintain the highest quality. We use American White Oak from the Ozark Mountains of Missouri and even select the trees from which our casks are produced. After air-drying for at least 2 years, the casks are made on site to our specification, then filled with bourbon and set aside to mature for four years. Bourbon seasons the wood, releasing its natural sweetness and absorbing undesirable elements. It is only then that our casks are ready for Glenmorangie. Sauternes Wood Finish In Wood Finishing, the Glenmorangie Malt is taken from its original barrels and finished for a further period in casks which formerly held other wines, fortified wines or spirits. The malt acquires some of the unique taste characteristics of these casks to complement the subtle classic flavour of Glenmorangie. The sublime Sauternes Wood Finish is the first ever Glenmorangie to have been finished in white wine casks. The gradual aging and maturation over 20 years includes an exceptionally long period of finishing for 2 years in casks which previously held Premier Grand Cru Sauternes. The final malt is non chill-filtered at a strenght of 46% vol. to retain maximum flavour. Tasting Notes Colour: Bright golden syrup Nose: Luscious and soft with an intriguing dessert-like sweetness. At full strength, rich toffee, golden syrup and ripe fruits (pears and peaches) are discovered, followed by Christmas cake. Later, the freshness of mint chocolate chip ice-cream emerges through the sweetness. Addition of water releases the softness of vanilla, honeycomb and lemon meringue pie. A complex mixture of coconut ice, hazelnuts and hints of grape must simmer beneath the surface. Taste: The taste is smooth, sweet and gently oily and is reminiscent of lemon meringue pie and vanilla ice-cream melting on the tongue. The sweetness of honeycomb and vanilla is present throughout the taste. Hints of chocolate, nuts and raisins make an appearance in the middle then fade away to leave vanilla and lemon meringue. Wild mint and hazelnuts make a brief appearance before the sweetness returns to centre stage. Finish: Long and sweet with an unsurpassed creamy vanilla character and a gentle taste of coconut.