Glenmorangie Single Malt Scotch 12 Year Sherry Woo

A full-bodied malt, light gold in colour, which has spent at least 12 years in American white oak casks before being racked for several years into Sherry butts for 'finishing'. Tasting Notes This is a complex aroma - full bodied, sherry notes with traces of honey; sweet and mead like. With the addition of water, citric fruits emerge with traces of nuts. The overall impression is fresh with a layer of honey-comb in the background. After a few moments the nuts become stronger and the scent is now sweeter, with vanilla and caramel. The winey aroma noted earlier becomes increasingly sherried but not overpoweringly so. Full-bodied, even and creamy, this malt has a subdued, sweet flavour at the outset and finishes light and dry. Sherry and nuts are apparent in the flavour and these produce a pleasant, warm, long lasting after-taste. A full-bodied malt whisky with a rich and fulfilling flavour which engages the whole palate.