Glenmorangie Single Malt Scotch 12 Year Port Wood

With a drop of water, the key aromas are of butterscotch and dark chocolate, but with fresh, minty notes and a trace of dryness, like lint. There is some sandalwood here, and citric fruit - oranges, perhaps tangerine - even a hint of allspice. With a little more water, lighter scents begin to emerge: grass and hay, hazelnuts and candied peel. The mouth-feel is voluptuously smooth, like sipping velvet. The entire palate is engaged - a most interesting and complex balance of sweet and dry flavours. the bitter chocolate, noted as an aroma is apparent, and the fresh minty-ness. In the satisfying, lingering finish a hint of port reveals itself for the first time, this and walnuts. A remarkable whisky, perfect after a good meal, or to savour at any time.