Glenmorangie Single Malt Scotch 10 Year

First note the feel of the spirit as it slides over your tongue: creamy but not cloying; clean and slightly dry on the back of the palate; medium bodied. The flavour is well-balanced; no single feature dominates. There is a subtle smokiness; the flower and fruit scents noted earlier have changed to a delicate honey-wood, nutty flavour - some identify intriguing top-notes of fennel, spice and bergamot. The overall effect is fresh, aromatic and refined, and the after-taste is clean and salving. The golden rule in tasting is to trust your own reactions. You are the final arbiter. A great malt does not have to be laboured over to be enjoyed.The best selling single malt in Scotland and the fastest growing single malt in all of the United Kingdom Hand-crafted by local craftsmen known as the "Sixteen Men of Tain," who carefully produce only 48 barrels a day Made from premium Highland barley that is malted and dried over peat fires, resulting in a smoky and delicate flavor Distilled with mineral rich water from the distillery's private water source, the Tarlogie Springs Distilled twice in unique copper pot stills Aged in carefully selected casks crafted of American Mountain Oak The 10 Year Old is renowned for its smoothness and lightly peated taste Glenmorangie means "valley of great tranquility" in Gaelic Bottled at 86-proof Other expressions available include: 12 years old Port Wood Finish 12 years old Madeira Wood Finish 12 years old Sherry Wood Finish Rare 18 years old Vintage 1971 (Limited Bottling Release)