Glenlivet Single Malt Scotch Vintage 1969

The skilled men at The Glenlivet distillery each ply their trade in gentle rivalry. Up in the Mill Room the Miller carefully sets the rollers, ensuring that the malted barley is crushed to the perfect consistency before it falls down to the Mashman in the tunroom. In the giant wooden vats, the yeast works its magic before the rich brew passes into the hands of the two Stillmen. They compete every day to produce the finest, most elegant distillate. Close by, in the cooperage, the air is filled with the rich aromas of shaved, seasoned oak, as the Cooper repairs large butts of the finest Spanish wood. Soon the clear spirit will be filled into the casks, and rolled away to the ancient warehouses. Where it will lie, occasionally nosed by the Master Distiller, for many years, until he decides that the whisky is ready for release to the world as one of The Glenlivet's special vintages.